[box]  Letter for Acceptance of Business Proposal  [/box]

Ref : __________
November 26, 2010

Ram Kapoor
Address 1

Dear Mr. Kapoor,

We are writing this letter to you from Blueway Pvt. Ltd with reference to our mailer discussion held regarding the business proposal which your company mailed us. We are glad to announce the acceptance of Blueway Pvt. Ltd to work with Rayan International Pvt. Ltd. Thank you so much for giving us this golden opportunity to work with you.

We have received the initial documents of proposal from you. You can find the enclosed list of the required legal documents to initiate the process of agreement. Moreover, both companies need to organize a business meeting in which the company terms & conditions to market your product and desired market strategies should be discussed to avoid any miscommunication in future.

Feel free to contact us regarding any business query.

Once again thank you so much for accepting our business proposal.

Sincerely thankful,
Ekta Kapoor
Executive Director