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November 26, 2010

Ram Kapoor
Address 1

Dear Mr. Kapoor,

Thank you for your kindness in offering me the position as an honorary member of St. George’s Society of New York, a charitable organization for the distressed, sick and elderly persons. I normally do not lend my name for any organizations but your confidence in me of being able to assist you in accomplishing your purpose is such an honour.

Since the position is honorarium, I understand that my involvement will not require my personal appearance nor will I be requested to travel and attend meetings. However, I am eager to take an active part in the organization’s Capital Campaign.

Your accomplishments in offering advice and relief have earned broad support and I am solidly behind your cause. With organizations like yours, we can all pool our efforts for the well-being of the elderly.

Please accept my best wishes for the continued success in your endeavors.


Ekta Kapoor