[box]Verify VAT / CST (TIN) Number on All India basis[/box]

Now Anyone can verify, check or search the VAT TIN Number of any dealer of any state in India. And All this VAT TIN Registration Verification and Know Your VAT TIN Number on All India basis is only possible because of Initiative of Empowered Committee of State Finance Ministers and starting of Tax Information Exchange System (TINXSYS) . So now with this centralized system any person can check his or others dealers details attached to the VAT TIN or CST Number.

So now an local dealer doing any business with VAT Dealer registered outside his state can verify the TIN based details of Dealer like VAT TIN Number, Address CST Number(Sales Tax Number) using TIN Number of dealer before doing any transaction with that dealer.

Every Dealer who is doing any sale purchase with other dealers can check the following details using the TIN Number of other party

TIN VAT Number

CST Number

Dealer Name

Dealer Address

State Name

PAN Number of Dealer

Date of Registration under CST Act

Dealer Registration Status under CST Act

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