Doing Business in India

Its that generation which is not looking to engrave itself by earning for someone else by doing 10-7 job. In today’s time people are looking to give their idea a try and see if they can really be a Winner. Not everyone becomes a Flipkart or Snapdeal but even if its 0.1% of what Flipkart achieved , you are surely gonna be a millionare. And yes, more than a Millionare its being your Own Boss. Just Imagine !! Doing Business in India is not tough at all infact, its one of the best destination to do business.

Surely, there is a price for everything. And here too you need to sacrifice atleast 3 goodyear of yours. Because to expect too turnaround your Business in a day/month ,is expecting just too much. DO Remember, Rome was not built in a day.Doing Business in India was never so easy

What are the prerequisite of Starting your Own Company

  1. Research & Market Survey

So , you have a idea, and you feel it will click , good enough but do take a quick research and check how feasible is your business idea and this will help you change your Planning according to the outcome of your Feasibility Test


  1. Anticipate the Loss instead of Profit.

Well, everyone start a business to earn a profit. But what if things go wrong ? Do you have a backup ? So make sure that you are well prepared to bear that amount of loss. Invest that amount thinking that you wont be able to recover the same ever. This might be odd  for many but it is in a way good way to control your expenditure.


  1. Determine your Legal Structure

Before you can register your company, you need to decide what kind of entity it is. Your business structure legally affects everything from how you file your taxes to your personal liability if something goes wrong.

Private Limited Company Registration gives advantage of easily getting funds and loans.


  1. Selecting a Unique Brand

Now, the most important point is too create a Brand Name which distinguish your Business Enterprise with others, do remember to create such a brand which is not a dictionary meaning or have religious god name to help you stand out. Always create a Brand which might not give you a dictionary meaning. Take any ( Flipkart,Ebay,Snapdeal etc ). The reason is simple – 1. You can easily get Name Registered 2. Your Name stand Unique as Its really difficult to find a similar name company


  1. Finding a Right Team Combination

Understanding your Role and doing what you are good at. As Success of Business is not 100% because of the idea but because of implementation . You may have million dollar in your Bank,and a great project but if you cannot implement it, the same is surely gonna fail.


  1. Having a Complaint Redressal Team

You have to accept and be practical, you are not God and you are bound to make mistake and you can never satisfy a Client, Atleast 51% of them if you are providing a Online Business Service. But to learn from mistake , to handle and cope the pressure is the ultimate requirement of todays business. So Listen to your Customer.

Here is a quick glance of what are the initial requirement to be complied with for starting a business in India.

Startup india

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