Kolkata is the best destination for startups because it is home to a large number of engineering colleges, leading industries, a highly skilled workforce and a relatively low cost of living. There are also many events that take place in the city, with many other cities queuing up to host the events. It’s no surprise that India’s Silicon Valley is in the east, in the form of Kolkata. The city is home to a large number of engineering colleges, leading industries, a highly skilled workforce and a relatively low cost of living. These are just some of the reasons why Kolkata is the best destination for startups. Kolkata also hosts many events that take place across the country. The city has a vibrant startup culture which is on a rise day by day and especially with the likes of Paytm, Ola, BookMyShow, Voonik, Eka, Carwale, BigBasket and the likes, Kolkata is a lively metropolis with all the ingredients to be the next big startup hub in India. The city is buzzing with startups that are creating some exciting products. As a budding entrepreneur, if you’re looking for the best city to call home, consider looking no further than Kolkata.

 The city has the lowest operating cost of any Indian city, and is the second fastest-growing economy in India. It is also the second most-visited city by international tourists in India and has the third-highest number of startups. In recent years, Kolkata has been named the second cleanest city in India, ahead of Hyderabad. Kolkata is also home to several thriving industries, like the garments and biomedical manufacturing industries, as well as a thriving social entrepreneurship community. In that vein, Kolkata is also home to a growing number of social enterprises. Crowding out of everything from public spaces to office space in Bengaluru, startups are looking for new places to locate their offices. Kolkata is one place where they might find a solution to their needs.

The small size of Kolkata has made its urban space efficient and user friendly. It has the most number of trees per square kilometer among major Indian cities. The food here is also more inexpensive than in other cities. Entrepreneurs feel that Kolkata is the perfect location for starting a business. Kolkata is a great city for startups. It has been a duty of the government to lay all the essential infrastructures to help entrepreneurs flourish. The proactive government has boosted startup activity by enabling more entrepreneurs and investors to launch more startups. The government has taken steps to ensure that entrepreneurs are aware of the various facilities that are available and they have also ensured that the laws are favorable to startups.  Moreover, the government has taken steps in the right direction to improve the ecosystem for startups. It has created a startup database, has helped entrepreneurs with clear guidelines, has supported startups at every stage, helped with dry-run close financing and has launched various programmes for innovation.

These are the reasons that why you should setup your business in Kolkata. This city is perfect for startups as you need not to invest much to setup your business in Kolkata. You will get most efficient labors and skilled employees. You will get local and as well as foreign customers in the local markets. It has the most developed infrastructure. For more information about why Kolkata is best for startups please contact our team Companyji)