To manufacture, produce, refine, process, formulate, acquire, convert, sell, distribute, import, export,deal in either as principals or agents in organic and inorganic chemicals, alkalis, acids, gases,petrochemicals, salts, electro-chemicals, chemical elements and compound pesticides, insecticides,explosives, light and heavy chemicals of any nature used or capable of being used in thepharmaceuticals, textile industry, defence chemicals, fertilisers, petrochemicals and industrial chemicals and pesticides and insecticides, solvents of any mixtures derivatives and compounds thereof.
To manufacture, produce, refine, process, formulate, buy, sell, export, import or otherwise deal in heavy and light chemicals, chemical elements and compounds, including without limiting to the generality of foregoing laboratory and scientific chemicals or any of any nature used in the pharmaceutical industry, agriculture chemicals, glass and ceramic industries, tiles, poultry feeds, cattle feeds, rubber and paints, chemicals or any mixture, derivatives and compounds thereof including calcite, feldspar, dolomite, gypsum, quartz, silicon, earth, rock phosphate, soap-stone etc;