Main Object Clause of Amusement Park


To carry on the business of building and maintaining amusement parks, to promote, organise and manage all kinds of entertainments, sports, recreation and amusements, whether indoor or outdoor including funfairs, exhibitions, rideshows and games, competitions, tournaments, concerts, cinematography and television performances, stage and variety shows, aquatic and equestrian events, pyrotechnic, aerial and spectacular displays, dancing, skating, circuses and other forms and types of similar enterprises.

In connection with any such business or businesses, to purchase, lease, hire, contract/provide,operate, equip and maintain land, buildings, theaters, cinemas, studios, concert hails, studio, tracks,arenas, golf and putting courses, tennis courts, skating rinks, swimming baths, boating and paddling pools, marinas, piers, jetties, coach and car parks, tents, vehicles, boats, chairs, machines and all other structures, apparatus, equipment and articles which may be necessary or convenient in the opinion of the company for the carrying on of such activities.