The startup plan of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) is a program which finances the trailblazers and business visionaries to deal with creative ventures. Under this beginning up plot, HPCL awards store for the business visionaries who have set up evidence of idea (POC) for the effective commercialization of development. In this article, we take a gander at the HPCL Petroleum Startup Fund exhaustively.

Goals of the Scheme

The targets of the HPCL fire up reserve plot are:

  • To give asset to the tasks in energy and hydrocarbon by advancing the making of new companies and setting up or approving confirmation of idea (POC) prompting business improvement.
  • To advance trailblazers and business people or ventures have set up confirmation of idea (POC) with business potential to inevitable commercialization/execution.

Eligibility Criteria


To apply for help under this plan, an individual ought to have the accompanying standards:

  • The individual should be an Indian resident, including NRIs who will work in projects with inventive advancements.
  • The candidate ought to be utilized or enlisted as an understudy with a benefit/non-benefit scholarly or research association.
    1. In such cases, the understudy needs to deliver a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the top of the association, showing that the association permits the candidate to partake in startup plot and attempt HPCL projects.
  • In the event of a representative, the candidate ought to give the abdication/easing/retirement letter as supporting record before definite endorsement of the asset.


To apply for startup help under this plan, the organization ought to have the accompanying models:

  • The organization should be enrolled under the Indian Companies Act.
  • The organization should be possessed and constrained by an Indian resident.
  • The organization ought to have Research and Development offices that are practical and satisfactory to execute the task. Assuming the organization doesn’t claim its very own useful lab, it ought to have plans for hatching with foundations/focuses/associations with sufficient lab offices.

Note: If an organization has effectively benefited HPCL support, then, at that point the organization won’t be qualified for this help once more.

Nature of Projects

The underneath recorded undertaking regions are upheld under this asset:

  • Any tasks that propose an item development with critical effect or business potential.
  • Any tasks with clear innovation destinations.
  • Any activities zeroed in on building up or approving evidence of-idea for an imaginative thought.
  • Any ventures proposed to diminish vulnerabilities in innovation.
  • Any undertakings zeroed in on giving the logical information expected to show a plan to potential licensors/financial backers, and so on
  • Any inventive thoughts which are pertinent to HPCL’s line of business/petrol industry/future spaces of the business.

Note: It doesn’t matter to:

  • Fundamental undertakings that plan to display logical standards without innovation commercialization targets.
  • Projects with no thoughts for advancing commercialization.
  • Projects with no component of development.
  • Projects with moral serious and Environment Health Safety (EHS) chances.
  • Projects which are not like the goals of the Start-up India plot.
  • Projects which have gotten subsidizing for similar destinations from different organizations.
  • Projects which are in sort of Research and Development with no potential for commercialization.
  • Projects which are not associated with the idea of HPCL business or united administrations.

Note: Funding under this plan can’t be utilized to help PhD understudy research or some other scholarly exploration.

Focus Sector

  • Coming up next are the regions that will be upheld under the HPCL Start-up conspire:
  • Substitute Usages of Petroleum Products, Lubes and Base Oils.
  • Computerization/Robotics – LPG, Retail, Refineries.
  • Business Analytics, including IOT.
  • Business measure/re-designing programming/IT and co-ordinations related turn of events.
  • Credit only installments arrangement – Retail.
  • Cost Optimization arrangement – Storage/Logistics/Usage/Packaging.
  • Cross country pipelines security and wellbeing.
  • Client Loyalty Program
  • Advancement of a gadget for breaks/spill identification in pipelines.
  • Gas/fluid leak identification and insurance framework.
  • Improved Asset Utilization.
  • Creative plan for zero profluent in processing plants.
  • Creative capacity arrangement – Energy, Petroleum Products, Lubes, Base Oils.
  • Stock Management – Petroleum Products, Lubes, Base Oils.
  • Lightweight LPG chambers with improved wellbeing measures.
  • Minimal expense fuel quality checking and on location identification gadgets.
  • Minimal expense Model for Waste to Energy.
  • Minimal expense nearby lube condition checking strategies.
  • Minimal expense measure for desalination of ocean water.
  • Minimal expense engineered Lube base stocks Polyalpha Olefins (PAOs)/Esters and contact modifiers.
  • Lube Packaging.
  • Assembling of biofuels, including Ethanol.
  • Assembling of NanoMaterials/Catalysts.
  • Non-fuel plan of action for Retail Networks/LPG.
  • Convenient bio-latrines for Retail Outlets.
  • Supplanting the warmth source in processing plants by renewables.
  • Gotten Digital Marketing arrangement.
  • Critical decrease in discharges.
  • Garbage removal.
  • Other open regions identified with the oil refining, advertising and elective energy.

Project Lead

Each proposition should distinguish a Project Leader who will assume liability for the specialized and administrative parts of the venture execution. The task chief should fulfill the underneath referenced measures:

  • The Project Leader ought to be actually able to attempt the task.
  • The Project Leader ought to have finished an alumni/post-graduate course in designing/science/biotechnology/sciences.

Documents Required

The following documents are to be outfitted at the hour of presenting the application structure:

  • Copy of letter of responsibility from logical consultants to fill in as privileged guides, if appropriate.
  • Copy of letter of plan of key individuals from the group.
  • Copy of letter of interest/plan from the hatchery, assuming any.
  • Proof of admittance to key offices expected to execute a venture.
  • Letter of acknowledgment or Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the hatchery, assuming any.
  • Formal arrangements/MoUs with other key offices/providers.
  • Some other due persistence documents whenever needed by HPCL.

Application Procedure

To apply for the HPCL startup plot, the candidate needs to visit the HPCL Start-up gateway and select as the new client by filling the new client enrollment structure. Subsequent to enlisting into the entrance, the candidate needs to fill the application structure with the necessary subtleties and afterward transfer every one of the essential records and present your application on the web. Subsequent to presenting the startup application structure, you will get an affirmation for additional reference.

Evaluation Criteria

The propositions are assessed dependent on the accompanying rules:

  • Achievability of the thought
  • Curiosity/Innovation
  • Significance and expected effect
  • Technique for commercialization
  • Obstructions/Risks and procedures to address them
  • Team profile and abilities
  • Undertaking plan

Selection of Beneficiaries

Applications that are gotten under the HPCL Start-up entry will be considered for checking, assessment and choice. The proposition will then, at that point be evaluated dependent on pertinence, business potential, expectations and adaptability for shortlisting. Due-perseverance of the shortlisted proposition will be done alongside finish, timetables and arrangements. The last chosen proposition will be suggested to the candidate for additional beginning up procedures, including the consenting to of an arrangement with HPCL.


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