Procedure to Register a Private Limited Company as per Companies Act 2013

 Company Registration (1)

Steps to Company Registration : It’s a 3 Step Process to register a Private Limited Company

1.     Getting a Digital Signature & DIN

 Procedure to register a Pvt Ltd Company

In lay mans language Digital Signature is a kind of password which Authenticate the user.

A valid digital signature gives a recipient reason to believe that the message was created by a known sender, such that the sender cannot deny having sent the message(authentication and non-repudiation) and that the message was not altered in transit (integrity)

Please Note: Digital Signature is not a physical sign which is scanned and prepared electronically.


Documents Require : PAN & Address Proof

Time : 3-7 days

Signing Authority : Sify, e-mudhra , TCS

Market Price : Generally between 1000-2000 for a 2 year


Getting a DIN ( Director Identification Number )

DIN refers to Director Identification Number; Anyone who is proposed to be a Director of the company needs to have a DIN.

Documents required : Affidavit , PAN and address proof.

Time : 24-48 hours

Things to remember : DIN is always PAN based, hence the Name of Applicant & Fathers Name should be as per PAN Database.

Market Price : Government Fees is Rs 500 and a professional might charge Rs 1000-2000 as signing fees. : Register Pvt Ltd Company for just Rs 1990/- Lowest Cost in India Guaranteed.
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2.     Name Availability Check & Application for Name Reservation/ Approval

Company Registration

Before proceeding with Name Approval, we shall check for the availability of the Name.

Please Note : A name may be available but its always subject to ROC approval.

Before Proceeding , please read our Naming Guidelines & Common Reason for Name Rejection.

Time : 24-48 hours

Not to Forget  TradeMark Search is also required.

Market Price : Generally anyone can do this searching for FREE


Apply for Name Reservation/Approval

We shall apply for Name Approval with the ROC. A maximum of 6 Names can be provided for Name approval.

Time : 2-7 days ( Subject to ROC )

Not to Forget : If the name is not within the naming guidelines , the name shall be asked for resubmission and can be rejected if it fails to meet the ROC guidelines.

Documents Required : As such No documents are required to be attached unless , the name is a TradeMark ( then a NOC from the trade mark user ).

Market Price : Rs 1000 is government Fees and a professional might charge Rs 2000-5000 as a professional fees for application.

3.     Drafting of Memorandum of Association (MOA)& Article of Association ( AOA ) . , Filing &  Uploading of Incorporation Forms

Company Registration in India

We shall consult with you and draft your Memorandum of Association & Article of Association for your kind perusal so that your Company is incorporated with the best drafted Memorandum & Articles.

Time : 24-48hours

Not to forget : A list of all other documents shall also be prepared along with the Incorporation

Consent Letter to act as a Director , Form INC 9 , Form INC 10 , Affidavit, Subscriber Pages, Appointment Letter, ( All documents shall be prepared by us and the same needs to be verified by you and signed ).


Filing of Incorporation Forms

Form 1 has been replaced with Form INC-7: For Application of Incorporation of Company.

Documents Required : Memorandum of Association ( To be prepared by us )

Article of Association ( To be prepared by us )

Affidavit from Subscriber ( Non Acceptance of Public Deposit – Format to be provided by us )

Id Proof of Subscriber( Passport/Voter Id/Aadhar/Driving License )

Residential Proof of Subscriber ( Bank Statement/Mobile Bill/Telephone Bill / Electricity Bill)

INC 9 & INC 10 as attachment in Notarised Stamp-paper( Format shall be provided by us )


Company Address Form 22 for situation of Office Address

Address Proof of Company : Rent Agreement with rent receipt

Utility Bill : Electricity Bill / Water Bill/Tax Reciept – maximum 2 months old

NOC – No Object Certificate from landlord to use of premises.


DIR-12 for information regarding the Directors

Declaration by Director ( Format to be provided by us )

Consent Letter by Director ( Format to be provided by us )


Time : 2-3 days

Not to forget : To Pay Stamp Duty Charges & Government Fees after uploading the Forms.

Price : As per your Capital;


Getting Incorporation Certificate

After Uploading the Forms, generally within 3-7 working days, a Company Incorporation Certificate is received, unless there is some error or omission in the fact or details.

Not to Forget : There is no Hard Copy of Incorporation Certificate, All are issued in soft copies. : Company Registration for just Rs 1990/- Lowest Cost in India Guaranteed.
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