To act as merchant bankers, portfolio managers, underwriters, sub-underwriters, consultant for capital issues, advisers to capital issues, investment consultants and management advisers to corporate bodies, individuals and others in commercial and industrial management and policy matters and to receive funds from others in trust and to manage and invest and deploy them as deemed fit or to advise them in such manner as deemed fit, to make project evaluation, feasibility studies, project reports, forecasts and surveys, and to give expert advice and suggest ways and means for improving efficiency in business organisations whether by amalgamations, mergers, demergers or otherwise in any manner and concern and industries of all kinds and /or to act as lead managers, co-managers and underwriters to Issue of shares, stocks, bond debentures, commercial paper or other securities of bodies corporate or industrial undertaking and/or shares, stocks, bonds, debentures, commercial paper or other securities issued by an government or semi-government authority or public authority or government undertaking or corporation and/or to undertake venture capital funding, project financing, promoter funding, funding of shares, stocks, bonds, debentures or other securities and to act as merchant bankers, issue house, registrars to issues of any kind, transfer agents for securities of all kinds to manage and administer computer centers and clearing houses for thesecurities, money managers/liability managers, intermediary broking and advisory services of all kinds, to act as merchant bankers, credit rating agency and credit appraisal agency and to credit rate all kinds of securities and deposits of all bodies corporate whether private or public or government and whether Indian or foreign entities.