To carry on in India or elsewhere the business to manufacture, produce, process, convert,commercialize, control, compound, develop, distribute, derive, excavate, grade, release, manipulate,prepare, promote, reclaim, supply, import, export, buy, sell, turn to account and to act as agent,broker, concessionaires, consultants, collaborator, job worker or otherwise to deal in all specifications, descriptions, characteristics and applications of industrial oils including mineral oils, furnace oils, high speed diesel oils, liquid parafin & white oils, bauxite solvent oils, transformer oils, lubricating oils, light oils, mineral, turpentine oils, vaporising oils, hydrocarbon oils, mineral colza oils, household oils, base mineral oils, petroleum oils, glushing oils, brake oils, engine oils, gear oils, gear oils, bituminous mineral oils, creosote oils, anthracene oils, their residues, derivatives, compounds, products, by-products, mixtures, blends and other allied materials and to do allincidental acts and things necessary for the attainment of above objects.