To carry on the business as Financial and Investment Consultant and act as issue manager, leadmanager, underwriters, sub-underwriters, brokers, dealers, and agents of shares, debenture stocks and other securities.To carry on the business of finance consultant to finance industrial, agricultural and other business enterprises and for that purpose lend and advance money to entrepreneurs, promoters, industrial and other business concerns on such terms and conditions and with or without security as may be thought appropriate and also to act as a Financial Company. To carry on the business of the lead finance Company and to finance lease operation such as hiring, letting on hire equipments, plant and machinery and to assist finance or his purchase or differed payments or to subsidies finance or assist in subsidising or financing the sale and maintenance of goods or commodities upon terms and conditions and to undertake leasing finance for immovable properties including lands and buildings, plant and machinery, equipments and vehicles such as automobiles, ships, aircrafts, computers,
commercial and industrial equipments.