To carry on business as manufacturers, producers, growers, fabricators, processors, refiners,stockists, agents, importers, exporters, traders, whole sellers, distributors, concessionaires or dealers of drugs, medicines, chemicals, spirits, mixtures, tonics, pigments, powders, tablets, pills, capsules,injections, oils, compounds, mother tincture preparations, globules, creams, scents, soaps, lotions, toilet goods and all kinds of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and medical preparations required or used in homeopathic, allopathic, ayurvedic, unani, biochemic or any other medicinal system or branch of medicine or as beauty aid or personal hygiene, juices, squash, sharbat, nourishment foods and concentrates, bandages, cotton, gauge, crutches and various types of anatomical, orthopadic or surgical instruments, implets or stores and books, journals and publications and all sorts of storage or packing material connected with or required for any or more of the above mentioned items and