To carry on the business activities as developers of land, colonies, sheds, buildings, structures, residential plots, commercial plots, industrial plots and sheds, roads, bridges, channels, culverts and to act as architect, designers, contractors, sub-contractors, for all types of constructions and developments work for private sector, government departments, semi government departments and to develop the sites and plots and to carry on the business activities of acquirer, purchaser, lease,exchange, hire or otherwise all types of land, and properties of any tenure or any interest in the same or to erect and construct houses, building, multi-stories, or work for every descriptions on any land of the company or upon other land or property and to pull down re-build, enlarge, alter, and improve,existing houses, buildings, or work thereon and to purchasing and selling of houses and plots free hold or other house property, building, or lands or interest, household articles and other products of other companies in the installments, network scheme or otherwise and to act as commission agent and to offer various types of incentives, schemes from time to time either directly or in collaboration with any other individuals, firms, bodies corporate in India or else where and to educate people for side work, entertainment and side work, personality development.