To carry on in India or abroad the business to manufacture, fabricate, treat, prepare, convert, ferment,finish, clean, process, produce, make, import, export, promote, buy, sell, supply, pack, repack,market, and to act as consignor, consultants, collaborator, agents, merchants, distributors,concessionaires, stockists, adatias, C & F agents or otherwise to deal in all types of confectionery items, processed foods, its by-
products, ingredients, compounds and allied material such as flour,cakes, pastry, cornflakes, bread, biscuits, chocolates, sweets, fruit products, glucose, chewing gums,milk cream, ice creams, aerated or mineral waters, fruit juices, fermentation products, foods, protein foods, maize products, butter, ghee, cheese and other dairy products, pickles, jams, jellies, sausages,milk powder, condensed milk, fresh and dehydrated vegetable, cocoa, seeds, concentrates for cattle or poultry feeds their by-products, ingredients, compounds, raw materials & consumables used therefore and to do all incidental acts and things for the attainment of above objects.