[box] Letter Format for Acknowledge Payment of Overdue Balance [/box]


Ref : __________
May 21, 2013

Ram Kapoor
Address 1

Dear Mr. Kapoor,

I am writing to inform you that we have received your payment that was due last month. Thank you for remitting this payment to us. However, please make sure that you settle your credit accounts every first week of the month. Customers who cannot comply with this will be penalized and charged with 3% of the bill.
We have now removed all the restrictions of your account and you can now make transactions again. Please adhere to the terms and condition of your contract to avoid penalty charges. If the client exceeded the given time for payment, we will be forced to block their accounts.
We appreciate doing business with you. Should you have any other concerns that you would like to address us, please feel free to contact us at 2800-0014. We are more than willing to address your needs.
We are looking forward to serving you again in the future. Thank you very much and have a good day.


Ekta Kapoor
(Position in company)
Company Name