How to register a Private Limited Company ??

Company Registration


After the Incorporation of New Companies Act, not just the e-forms but the entire procedure has been changed




How to


Documents Required for Pvt Ltd Company Registration



Digital Signature Preparation

Digital Signature can be prepared by any Authorised Signatory, a physical form is a must

3-5 days

Application along with PAN & Address proof



DIN refers to Director Identification Number, it shall be applied in DIR-3 and must be digitally attested by a practicing professional (CA/CS/CWA).

1 day

Affidavit , PAN & Address Proof


Name Approval

A Name is applied in form INC-1 . Name should be applied as per the Naming Guidelines. A maximum of 6 Names can be applied with ROC in a single Application.

3-7 days (Subject to ROC )

Literally None, However, if someone is naming its company with its relative name, a Proof to establish relation.

2. If someone is using Trademark word, a NOC from registered user of TM.

A Name may be asked for resubmission if the ROC feels the Name is to generic or similar to some already registered company or has a trade mark


Drafting of Memorandum & Article of Association

How to Draft a Memorandum of Association & Article of Association is no child play. Even though most prefer to do Copy Paste job, but this should be the most important step for a Company Registration

2-4 days

A expert Help is definitely required.


Filing of Incorporation Forms

Once the Drafting of MOA & AOA has been done, e-filing of Forms such as DIR-12. INC-7 & INC- 22

5-7 days

Documents required for registering a Pvt Ltd Company.

1.       Affidavit for Non Acceptance of Public Deposit.

2.       Consent to act as a Director ( by all Directors ).

3.       Affidavit as per Form 9

4.       Signature Verification in Form 10

5.       Declaration by CA/CS/CWA in Form 8

6.       Rent Agreement with Rent Reciept

7.       Utility Bill of Registered Premises with NOC

8.       and any such document which the ROC may enquire.

Foot Note :

All forms are to be Digitally Signed by a Practicing Professional and overall it takes approx. to 30 working days to register a Private Limited Company.

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