[box] Guidelines for Statutory Audit[/box]

Extremely Important for both Members & their Article assistants of ICAI.

Following Documentary Evidences are require to be verify for A Statutory Audit :-

1st part:
1) First you examine Documentary Evidences regarding appointment/reappointment of an Auditor.
2) Examine Last Year’s copy of Audited Balance sheet, profit & loss account , schedules, notes on accounts along with 3CA/3CB, 3CD & Audit Report.
3) Carefully Examine the internal control system of the company.

2ND Part:

4) Purchase bill File.
5) Sale bill File.
6) Quarterly VAT Return According to Vat Input Output Register.
7) Bank Reconciliation Statement .
8) Salary and wages register.
9) Bills of Various Assets Purchased during the Year.
10) Telephone bill, Electricity Bill for the relevant year.
11) Rent bill( if any ).
12) Verify Vat payment challan .
13) Verify CST payment challan.
14) Verify P.F paid challan for the last year outstanding.
15) Verify E.S.I paid challan for the last year outstanding.
16) Verify Employees P.TAX paid challan.
17) Verify P.TAX ( FOR COMPANY) paid challan .
18) Trade License for the company.
19) Payment of Advance Tax challan.
20) Verify TDS Certificates with Form 26AS Annual Tax credit statement.
21) Verify Investments papers i.e, FD.
22) Physical verification of stock-in trade.
23) Therefore each and every aspect of accounts are require to be verify with their relevant documentary evidences by the Auditor himself.