Frequently Asked Questions by our Clients

Client : I Want to Register a Private Limited Company, How can you Help us ??
Expert : We can Help you register your Company anywhere in India.
Since it’s a Online Process, there is no such requirement to have a physical presence.
We assure you to provide with the best of our ability.

Client : But how safe is this ? Since we don’t even know you ?
Expert : Its totally safe if you are dealing with Smart Business Solutions. We know being unknown and at different geographical location it’s really tough to trust anyone, and as such we have Post Paid Plan wherein you don’t pay a single paisa advance, neither do you need to pay any security deposit, you pay only after we provide you the service and that also in installments. For more information talk to our Expert to know about the Post Paid Plan.

Client : Don’t you suffer losses giving post paid ??
Expert : We show 100% trust towards our clients and as such we have introduced this postpaid plan.
Yes there are times when we face difficulties in getting the amount and many a times there are ample amount of Bad Debts ( 20%-30%) but we shall always continue to trust our Clients. Presently we are the only company which is having a Postpaid Plan in an Online Platform.

Client : So How do I make payment ?
Expert : Either Via Bank Transfer or by depositing Cheque in our Account. If you are paying by depositing Cash in our Bank Account, an excess of Rs 250 per transaction has to be paid.
We request you to pay via Bank Transfer to avoid any excess payment.

Client : How much discount can I get if I get 3 Company Registered at one go ?
Expert : Our price remains the same even if you register 100 company with us. Trust us, we have never given any discount to any one because we already are giving this at throwaway price.

Client : Is there any hidden Charges ?
Expert : No. Its inclusive of all taxes . Hence you need not pay a Single penny extra .

Client : Why don’t you have a payment gateway, so that we can pay it directly to your Bank Account
Expert : We really want to provide these facility but since our margin is so low that its practically not possible to provide these.
The payment Gateway charges approx to 3-4% of the amount transferred and as such we cannot afford to part with that amount as we are registering a company at a very least margin and face tough competition. But we promise, we shall soon be offering payment gateway.

Client : In how many Days can I expect a Company to get registered?
Expert : Basically it takes 25-30 working days subject to 3 conditions
1. ROC
2. The time you take to submit us the documents
3. Law being Amended
Since these are the things which are not in our control, there might be delay if any of the factor comes into play. There has been times when ROC has made specific queries or have demanded certain things, which definitely add to the number of days.

However we try our best to get it register as early as possible but we cannot guarantee you the time.
There are some Consultant who claims to register a Company in 8-10 days, we are not one of them. If a company at present day, could have been registered in 8-10 days, why wouldn’t we register ? please understand it’s a time taking process. Patience is key.

Please Note: If you want your Company to get registered in 5 or 7 days . Please do not Contact us. We are not someone who shall make fake claims to take a job. Definitely we want everyone to register a Company with us, but we shall never make fake promise or challenges.

Delay During Registration Process.
Client : You have said it will take 25-30 working days, it has taken 35 working days.
Expert : Dear Sir, we regret for the inconvenience caused to you, but please understand, our team are working round the clock to make your registration completed.Sometimes companies are incorporated within 15 flat days , sometimes it takes 20. On an average, its 25-30 working days. 
However, Registration is subject to ROC.Their can be delay in registration process at the following stage.
1. Name Approval Stage : Sometimes you are very stringent in getting a particular name Approved, however it must be noted that Name Approval isn’t in our hands, its in the hands of ROC. It’s a subjective term. It may be available and within the guidelines but sometimes the ROC might find it similar/generic and hence shall not approve the same.

It is therefore, we request you to provide a unique name. Always Consult us before naming your company.

2. Incorporation Stage :
During Incorporation Stage, we may face delay and the reason differ from ROC of one state to another. Some ROC are bit stringent and hence it just delay the process.
a. Address proof of Subscriber/Director not similar to those mentioned in DIN
b. PIN Code not provided in Address proof.
c. Subscriber signing in Vernacular Language ( other than English )
d. Objection in some of the other objects. ( However now in Companies Act 2013, the concept of other object has been abolished )
e. Documents proof not valid.
f. Might ask for any other documents
g. Website not working properly ( ask any consultant about their experience with MCA website in last 2 years )
h. Officer in Leave.

But , in all almost 90% of the registration process is completed within 20-25 working days.

Client : I want my Company name to be “—————– Pvt Ltd” only.
Expert : Name is subject to availability and ROC. Please Read our Naming Guidelines

Client: Is there any benefit for Senior Citizen??
Expert: Unlike Income Tax, here there is no such Benefit for Senior Citizen. However we personally give an extra discount of Rs 500 if both the directors are senior citizen in the Company.

Client : And for Women ?
Expert : Definitely, we give extra discount to women entrepreneur. A Flat 20% discount is given to women entrepreneur.

Client : Why is your rate Lowest in India ?
Expert: Because others rates are higher than us.
On a serious Note, we try keeping profit margin on the lowest side. Further our rate are not just lowest along with that we are providing 2 DIN, 2 yrs of 2 DSC, PAN, TAN, Copy of MOA & AOA , Share Certificate , & 6 months of TDS Return Filing Free of Cost.

Client : How good is your Service ?
Expert : If you ask us, we definitely will say good only but that doesn’t mean other consultant are providing bad services. Company Formation are generally done by experts and mostly all live upto expectation unless there is certain things which aren’t in anyone’s hand. We don’t know if can live upto your expectation but at least we shall give our 200%

Client: What is this minimum capital? Do I need to have that amount to start a Company?
Expert: Minimum Capital is Rs 100000. It’s the capital which is required to start your Company. However you need not require 1 Lakh rupees to start your Company.
The only amount you require to register a company with us is Rs 15250/- ( or the amount as per the plan you choose ). For more Details please read our FAQ on Pvt Ltd Company

Foreign Directors
Client : We have Foreign Directors in our Company ?
Expert : For Foreign Director there is an extra charge of Rs 1000 per Director.

What are the Documents required for Foreign Directors
1. Affidavit to be Notorised by the Foreign Citizen Notary Officer
2. Passport to be Notorised by the Foreign Citizen Notary Officer or an Indian Embassy after affixing a recent Colour photograph
3. Affidavit to be Notorised by the Foreign Citizen Notary Officer or an Indian Embassy after affixing a recent Colour photograph
4. Colour Photograph

What are the other services you provide ?
Well we provide all types of Business Administrative Services, Be it registration of various taxes or varied advisory services, We gives you the utmost assistance, right from the onset of your venture. Needless to say this is why we are rightly described as Total Solution Providers. Because we offer you the right constructive information to help you get started, change the dynamics of events, and of course, make your business greener!

I want to get VAT/CST, Service Tax Registration and annual compliances etc etc… Please provide me the charges for the same.
Expert : Unlike Company Registration, VAT/CST or Service Tax Registration isn’t completely online. Still Physical documents are required to be sent to the department and inspection are part of these process. Hence more than the government fees there are out of pocket expenditure which varies state to state. Hence we request you to call 9831013711 for more information .