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Register Company using Home Address

Can i Register Company using Home Address ? Yes , you can Register Company using Home Address. To Register a Company from your Home Address, you just need a Address Proof of the Place where you want to have your registered Address. Company can be registered from home address. Do Remember to Register Company using Home Address : [...]

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Advantages of a Company

What are the advantages of a Company? Following are the advantages of a Company:- • Liability of the Members’ (the directors and shareholders) is limited to the amount of money they have paid for shares, thus Stakeholders are not typically liable for corporate debts and liabilities. • Extra capital can be raised by selling shares [...]

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What is Company ?

What is a Company? Company is an association of persons registered under the Companies Act 2013 ( earlier Companies Act 1956  ). It has a legal personality separate from the persons who own or manage it. What are the type of companies that can be registered in India? ​Type of companies that can be registered [...]

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